Cumbernauld FM: The Acoustic Set

Me outside Cumbernauld FM

Here’s me pointing to an awesome sign!

I’m a writer, musician, now a producer and currently in my comfort zone.

Today, I’m a performer again. All sorts of thoughts race through my head…Can I do this? It’s been too long. What if this isn’t what they expected? Is this really who I am? 

When Cumbernauld FM Radio Presenter Ryan Corr asked me to come and play my tracks on the show, I felt the excitement and anticipation in me rise and then the fear too. But one thing I am not is a coward…as a wise woman once said, “feel the fear and do it anyway”!

The day of the show, I arrived at the station with my black Tanglewood acoustic guitar in toe, my favourite woolly hat on, crowning me like a little security blanket. Ryan was very welcoming and hospitable, introducing me to his other guest on the show, Ryan Bowes aka That Bowzy Guy, making me a cuppa, chatting to us about the format of the show and generally putting us at ease. I had a feeling from the pre-show banter that the three of us were going to get on like a house on fire and make this a fun, entertaining show for everyone (probably for ourselves most of all!)

Ryan’s Music Experience show on Cumbernauld FM has the tagline, ‘Your Music, Your Experience’ as he takes song requests from listeners and fans of the show during the week to play on his Saturday morning show. However, the twist is that listeners also provide Ryan with their experience of the song, i.e. when they first heard it, how it makes them feel etc.

As I was appearing on the show, Ryan had already asked me for my song choice and my experience. I gave this a lot of thought the week before the show and finally decided on ‘Like a Drug’ by one of my favourite bands, Queens of the Stone Age. Please check out  Ryan’s show on Mixcloud to hear my song request as well as my experience of that song!

Anyway, I very much enjoyed this unique feature of Ryan’s show as it gave me an opportunity to open up, not just as an artist but share a part of who I am and my experience of one of my favourite songs. All before I even got down to playing my own music! This really relaxed me and made the whole experience of appearing on the show more personal and sociable for me.  I thought this was a cool element for a radio show to have and it certainly makes Ryan’s show stand out so good on ye Ryan!

Next on the show; came my four-song set  – ‘Echoes’, ‘This Place’, ‘Only Friends’ and ‘Last Laugh’. Three of these songs were written on my acoustic guitar but Only Friends was written and recorded on my Les Paul so I wasn’t too sure how the acoustic version was going to go down. But from Ryan & Bowzy’s reaction, it went down pretty well!

Ryan also asked me a little bit about the inspiration behind each track before I played it – so please do tune in to Ryan’s show on Mixcloud to hear my acoustic set and our interesting discussion around those tracks.

I had a lot of fun performing these tracks for Cumbernauld FM and its listeners and I couldn’t keep the smile from my face after my set was finished! Big thanks again to Ryan Corr & Cumbernauld FM for having me on the show and for being so friendly and welcoming. This station is really striving to help artists. Ryan, in particular, goes above and beyond to help support and promote artists that he believes in and as an indie artist I think his work ethic and good attitude is both admirable and encouraging for artists like me (especially in the current musical climate). So, do tune in to Ryan Corr’s Music Experience Show every Saturday, from 10am – 12pm on Cumbernauld FM 😀


From L to R: Erin At Eleven (moi), Ryan Corr & Bowzy

Back to the show itself! After my set, I got to sit back, relax and hear all about Bowzy and his Youtube channel ‘ThatBowzyGuy’ where he showcases his theatrical flexibility in his very entertaining videos, vlogs, sketches and skits. I’d check these out if I were you, especially if you’re into wrestling and burgers!

In fact, Bowzy filmed a special vlog for today’s show which included yours truly, where I can assure you many laughs were had and inside jokes created (#BogFM) XD – definitely worth a watch though so check it out here: Bowzy’s Vlog ft Erin At Eleven

Admittedly, I was nervous today. It’s been a long time since I’ve performed (and not just recorded) my music for the sheer enjoyment of it. I’d forgotten how much I’d missed it and I realised today performing is and always will be a part of who I am, even if I leave it behind for some years. I’ll always find my way back…

Me at Cumbernauld FM


KB Radio interviews Erin At Eleven

I had the pleasure of talking to Al Yardy last month and being featured on his show on KB radio, which is based in London, Ontario, Canada. 

This was my first radio interview to take place over Skype and I found out afterwards that Al couldn’t see me during the chat from his end, which I must say I was a tad relieved about: all my nervous fidgeting, red face and obsessive tea-drinking went undetected! In any event, we had a very lively, wide-ranging discussion about my musical beginnings and influences, my songwriting process, my current goals as an artist, my hopes for the future as well as other issues such as my thoughts on artists who choose the medium of music and gigs to give a platform to their own political, social and other opinions, the latter of which was not a question I was expecting to be asked about but one I really enjoyed giving my two cents on, so to speak.  

It was very easy talking to Al. I thought he asked some great, insightful questions, he was really passionate and inquisitive about my music and me as an artist and surprisingly for me, really brought me out of my shell (which is no easy task for this hermit, I tell thee!)  

Doing this interview has definitely given me more confidence and has encouraged me to reach out to people and let them know who I am as an artist and share my music. It has also confirmed for me that the indie music community is a thriving and cracking place to be right now, where we can all support one another in our various endeavours, whether that be as musicians, broadcasters or bloggers etc.  

I’d really recommend everyone take a listen to independent stations like KB radio as they embody exactly ‘what radio used to be’, i.e. they showcase excellent, authentic music and artists, as well as providing entertaining banter and a level of personality and professionalism which some might say is in short supply these days… listen here: KB Radio  

It’s particularly worth tuning in every Wednesday night from 1am GMT onwards as the show is live at this point and very interactive. Al and other artists who follow KB radio engage in fun, lively discussions on Twitter during the Wednesday night show. I can vouch for this as I regularly join in on the chat myself…and the occasional meme! The show also features its own brilliant top 10 indie chart as voted for by its devoted listeners.  

Speaking of the top 10 indie chart, you can vote for yours truly by following this link and voting for my track, ‘DNA’: KB Indie Top 10 Chart I couldn’t write a blog without plugging my own tune a little, could I?!  

I will finish this post however by thanking Al and KB Radio. What a genuine, hardworking guy. He is passionate about what he does, about helping and supporting indie artists and I take my proverbial, woolly hat off to him! Cheers KB, it was a lot of fun, eh? 😉  

Listen to the full interview here… Erin At Eleven interview with KB Radio


It’s indie rock n roll for us…

Image result for indie music

This past year has been a bit of a blur at times; on the other hand it feels like this has been my life all along.

I’ve submerged myself into learning a shit-ton about sound production. Why? Because I love making music, I like wearing many hats (both metaphorically and literally) and I do rather enjoy doing things solo and in my own way, so I need to know as much about my craft as possible. 

I approached all this at first with a pretty myopic point of view…make my music my way, produce my music my way, end of plan. Despite the way I set out, I’m learning just as much about the indie music community as I am about myself as an artist and I have to say it’s been a very happy by-product of this process.

I’ve always listened to “indie” music I guess, one of my favourite bands from a young age being Death Cab For Cutie but in the last year admittedly, I’ve listened to a more wide range of cracking indie artists, bands and shows by independent radio broadcasters and I’ve come to the following conclusion…

I’m in awe of the sheer talent, work ethic and production skills of indie artists and broadcasters out there. Their passion for music, doing it for themselves: it’s really inspiring and I want to do all I can to share their music with you and support them to keep going and do what they love doing, what we all love doing in this community. 

Sharing is caring, so here’s just a few of the fantastic indie artists, bands, radio stations & bloggers I’ve come across so far.



Nominated this year for ‘Best Electro Act’ in the WIGWAM online radio awards, this dynamic duo create beautiful, eerie melodies with insightful lyrics and haunting vocals – check out ‘To Drown Is Love’ and ‘Treasure’. Their electronic prowess comes through in tracks like ‘Untitled (Voxless)’ but there’s a real sense of eclecticism with their music which I love, from electro pop, to shoegaze to alternative rock (listen to ‘Hold Me Back’): this duo have it all. And they’re self-produced. Talented or whit! I urge you to do your ears a favour and listen to them. Now…





I first came across this chap on Canadian radio and I have to say I’m impressed, not only with his music but his production skills, site, blog posts and attitude. This guy’s a pro, the complete artist. His style is diverse from soft rock, jazz, prog-rock, fusion, pop, to classic rock. The Bearded one has a smooth, distinct voice, plays all of the instruments on his tracks as I understand it (one man band!) and the composition of his tracks is clever, creative and free-flowing…each song is like a wee journey. Okay, I’m rambling a little but if you check out his stuff I’m sure I’ll start to make more sense! My personal favourite track of his is ‘Frozen In Time’ but there is genuinely a song on his Soundcloud for every mood!






I’m a new listener to this Glasgow indie band but having seen them live, I can tell you The Vignettes bring lots of energy to the stage and catchy, feel-good rock tunes to boot. Talented, young guys with a bright future ahead of them, I’m sure. Check out their debut single, ‘Young Bohemians’ – just posting it here as it doesn’t come up on their own Soundcloud page: 

I dig dem groovy basslines and so does the local scene: The Vignettes have received great reviews already…

Why not have a read yourself?



Want something to rock to? Of course you do…then this three-piece Swing-Core band’s awesome guitar riffs, funky basslines and kick-ass drums are for you! Check out their track ‘Toy Factory’ at – you won’t be disappointed. These Glasgow guys have a particularly authentic, raw quality which makes them stand out from other metal bands in my humble opinion. Worth a listen indeed and I hear they’re recruiting so do check em out!





This isn’t just another Glasgow indie band. They aren’t generic. These guys are experimental and talented, seasoned performers. I can vouch that they are as good live as they are recorded and I’d urge you to go see them if you get the chance. They have a ton of tracks for your auditory pleasure but my personal favourite is their poignant and emotional track, ‘Picture of Health’. Campfires in Winter remind me of all my favourite bands growing up: Mogwai; Radiohead; Death Cab, yet they maintain their own sound and originality…go check them out! 






This talented singer/songwriter/guitarist from Paisley is nominated for ‘Best Female Artist’ in this year’s Online Radio Awards and the nomination is deserved. Lisa has a pure, soulful voice beyond her years and her songwriting ability is one to watch! I like her track ‘One Day’ a lot. Lisa is already an experienced performer and I often see on Twitter that she is out and about doing various gigs and radio shows: her passion and drive comes across and is second to none…as they say, she’s a woman after my own heart! Please check Lisa out and give her your support…






These guys describe their style of music as “SIB” and they couldn’t be more accurate! One of a kind, wacky, electro-rock perfection is how I’d describe SIB. I’m a big fan of their tracks ‘Einstein’ and ‘Goodbye’ in particular (offfffft those guitar solos) and their use of pan-ning in their track ‘Taking a Poo’ is nothing short of comedy genius…worth listening to, trust me. SIB have done a lot for indie artists in their time, having created and hosted their own podcast series some years back, the band are now back at the helm, making music and I’m excited to hear more from them in the future. Don’t be a square, be a rhombus and check these chaps out…





You may recall I asked you earlier if you want something to rock to? Well, you might need a wee rest from all the rockin’ after Magic Trik are done with ye! Rock n’ roll, blues, shredding guitar solos, vocals that Zeus himself couldn’t reach even if he were kicked in the balls: this band is the real deal. I personally like ‘Your Wings To Fly’ (find myself singing along to this and scaring the neighbours with the high notes :/ ) and ‘Not For Long’. Again, this is a great indie band who produce their own work: we Scots are nothing if not multi-talented 😉 Do have a listen to Magic Trik and watch their vlogs, very entertaining indeed… 






This Canadian force of rock is an independent songwriter and producer. Jubekyth’s sound is unique, interesting and yet I relate to it: mark of a good songwriter in my view. This artist’s tracks are effortlessly catchy, melodic and well-produced. I enjoy listening to ‘Lightning’ and ‘Limelight Stricken’ in particular but there is a wealth of musical magic from Jubekyth on Soundcloud to delight your ears folks. Give it a spin, you won’t regret it…






I heard Toggo Ultrarock’s song ‘Cannonball’ on awesome Canadian indie station, KB radio, about a month ago and it was instantly stuck in my head! Seriously, it’s never going away…

Toggo Ultrarock gives you electro-rock anthems with full throttle vocals and honest, fun, high energy music. Another favourite of mine is ‘Fuck You Just Fuck You’ – not only an epic song title but a cracking tune with beautiful vocal harmonies. I have been known to be partial to a a few harmonies haha. So, why not give it a listen? 






I intend to get to know more about this German “songer-singwriter” as he calls himself. Kostja is a lovely guitar player and his songs have that chilled, acoustic, indie vibe running through them. My favourite track of his so far though is his latest, ‘Sezuan’. The instrumentation and production is excellent. It’s a beautiful instrumental piece and I could listen to it for hours, without tiring. Please check it out and Kostja’s many other tracks here…



When it comes to the indie music community, a big mention has to go out to the stations that support, play and help promote artists like us. So, deep breath time…

Radio WIGWAM (

KB Radio (

Strawberry Tongue Radio & Music Magazine (

Cumbernauld FM (

Sheppey FM (



EGH Radio (

Way Out Radio (

Chatsong (


There are of course shed-loads of other stations and bloggers out there who deserve a huge pat on the back and our mutual support but these folks above are those that I’m most aware of and can speak personally to their dedication and passion for discovering and promoting new indie talent. If I’ve missed anyone, I do sincerely apologise! Just drop me a threatening line here and I’ll get it sorted…

Final thought (Jerry Springer style): I’m overwhelmed by the support I myself have received from other artists and stations this year. It’s a great motivation to keep going, to be part of something bigger than myself and my own music. So, indies, let’s all support each other, gather round the campfire and sing kumbaya…

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Time’s a healer

  Image result for time

They say time heals all wounds…

Total shite.

Depending on the circumstances time can make things a lot worse.

But in some ways time can make things a heck of a lot more bearable.  We’ve all been there or will be. Time makes all things fuzzy, like a camera lens not properly in focus. Even things we don’t want to get fuzzy: a memory, a feeling, people, places.

Image result for grief






Wrote a wee song recently along those lines.

It’s short n sweet but so are my favourite things…

In our DNA?

I recently finished recording and mixing my new track, ‘DNA’ in the studio. I wanted the song to have a slightly harder edge than my other stuff so far and hopefully that comes across (despite having a catchy chorus and less-than-edgy vocals).
Image result for poison

The song is about many things and one aspect I guess is obsession. We all have our obsessions or addictions in one form or another: alcohol; drugs; sex; rock n roll; kinder eggs (minus the stupid, now insultingly easy-to-build toys inside); [insert your own here].  My personal obsessions have often been work-related, having a bit of an innate drive to pursue something and burn myself out in the process even when it isn’t necessarily good for me.

I thought doing something creative would calm that side of my personality down a bit. Eh…nope. I’ve written more songs in the past year and a half than I’ve written in ten years and recorded a lot more too. I think my compulsive nature, at its worst (and best) shows through when I’m writing/recording songs. I’m like a tub of fucking pringles when I get going, once I start, I don’t stop til I’m done. Food, sleep, sanity – they can all take a backseat.

I was never okay with that before in any job or aspect of life: totally devoting myself to one thing. But in perhaps a bizarre, twisted way I’m becoming more and more sure that I’m happy to do that with music. In fact, I enjoy it and it feels natural. The more I do, the more I want to do. As I’m working on one project, my brain is processing the next one and the next one and if I’m not happy with one tiny part of a song, I’ll go over it again and again (whether it be at recording/mixing stage) until I’m satisfied…much to the pain of those around me!

Image result for DNA

Some people call it being a perfectionist. Others call it obsessive or simply being a massive pain in the arse. I am probably all three. I don’t think I was raised that way so I can only conclude that it must be in my DNA…

Listen to ‘DNA’ at:

Getting girls into Sound

As far back as I can remember I’ve loved music: listening to it; playing it; talking about it. My family’s quite musical – my brother and brother in law play the guitar and bass, my sister and mum both sing and my sister is a songwriter too. Musical fam

Here’s a random musical fam…we look nothing like that, we’re much cooler. Honest.

I started playing guitar in high school and writing my own songs, doing small gigs around North Lanarkshire and Glasgow. A career in the music industry should have seemed like a logical choice to me at the time but it wasn’t for a couple of reasons.

First reason. As a teenage girl, I only contemplated doing music performance. Even then, whenever anyone expressed any interest in me joining a band, I’d be asked to sing as the male musicians had all of the instrumentation covered! I’d never heard of sound production, let alone considered doing it as a career. When I heard friends at school talking about how hard it was to get into a music performance course at university and auditioning for music schools, it seemed really daunting to me as I was pretty shy at that time and I thought I just wasn’t that good a musician (male peers were often given more encouragement during music lessons or given better, rockier pieces to learn). Had I known something like sound production existed, I definitely would have been interested in studying it as it would have been the perfect route for me to get involved in something I love, without necessarily having to possess the confidence of a performer at that young age.

Second reason. I remember speaking to my careers adviser at school about my career options. I recall feeling quite lost at the time about what I wanted to do versus what I should do. I told her about my passion and interest for music. We also talked about my academic ability and my good grades. Pretty much straight off the bat, my adviser suggested I apply for an academic course and go to a few university open days for that course. There was no mention at all about pursuing a career in either music performance or sound production (the latter of which wasn’t even on my radar at the time – and certainly wasn’t on the adviser’s).

confusedSo, this discussion pretty much confirmed to me that my interest in music was nothing more than a pipe dream that I should probably just keep as a hobby and that I should get real and pursue something more academic and intellectual, something with a chance of giving me a viable future career and income. I was pretty misguided and I made too many assumptions. At the same time, there was no one there to correct me or explain to me the possibility of different careers in music, outside of performance, like sound production or live sound which could offer an equally viable career.

Ten years down the road, I’m a student once again studying sound production at college. I absolutely love my course. I finally feel like I am realising my true passion for making and recording music. It’s taken me this long to gain not only some confidence in my musical ability but also the confidence in myself, to be able to ask questions about the technical side of things, which I spent years either totally unaware of or avoiding for fear of making mistakes and seeming like just another ‘daft lassie’. It’s these fears and misconceptions that discourage women from pursuing a career in audio engineering, as well as a lack of education and awareness from teachers and advisers at school level. This has to change.

mixing-desk-b2rhcdI think it’s great that a project like That’s Sound is out there. Had I known about it as a teenager, there’s a reasonable chance I’d already be working as a musician/producer and engineer. It’s really important we raise awareness at schools about sound production as an option for further study and fund projects like That’s Sound which reach out to young women and encourage them to gain the skills and confidence to pursue a career in this industry, which they might never otherwise do.

Visit That’s Sound at's Sound

Only friends…again!

I released my track ‘Only friends’ on Soundcloud about three months ago now…

It’s had 150+ plays and counting. I know that probably doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s my most popular track up there by far. Not entirely sure why!

Could it be the Image result for addicted to a personwarm, bright guitar melodies (which sound a bit like a piano apparently) or the soft, cheery (as usual) vocal harmonies? Or perhaps my out-of-character, melancholic lyrics enticed all 150 people to listen in?

Image result for anime doesn't end

Whatever it is, I’m glad it’s reached a few folk and everyone I’ve spoken to has interpreted the song differently, which always interests me.

Part of the fun of being a songwriter, I think, comes after you’ve written a song and in hearing others’ reviews or interpretations.

As a writer, you could put so much of yourself into a song and have no one know it, interpreting something simply as a ballad or a generic love song. Equally, you could write something frivolous and off the cuff with no hidden meaning and have someone tell you the song is deep and complex. I think our brains are fascinating, the way we relate others’ lyrics to ourselves, our own thoughts and experiences in life.

I guess if people are relating to it, I’ve done a good job. What’s really important to me though is that when I write a song like this, I’ve captured a snapshot in time of something I’ve heard or seen or felt or imagined and for me, I am then able to sing that song years from now and feel like I am transported back in time to a place where I knew exactly what I was thinking about or feeling at that time. That for me is the mark of a good song, something that has that ability.

Anyway, I digress. Sorry, writer’s habit and all! The point of this here post is to let you know that I am re-recording ‘Only friends’ in the studio at college with decent mics and equipment.

Image result for dennis waterman little britain

In fact, just last Friday I finished recording rhythm, lead guitar and vocals for the song. I know what you’re thinking…”she writes da feem toon, she sings da feem toon.” Well, I have enjoyed being writer, performer and producer so far.  Image result for laughing emoji

The vocals on my re-recording are a bit more powerful in places as I actually have a bit of a belty voice, which you might not yet know from listening to my stuff on Soundcloud. This is before I discovered the joys of putting limiters on my vocals! Some folk at college say it if they want me to shut up as in, “gonnae limit her…” I know, charming. There are also wee lead guitar melodies and drums which I think are really starting to give body to the song. Just have to lay down the bass track and I’ll be ready to mix.

I’m really excited to get my re-recorded version of this track uploaded because it is a TON better than the “slightly mastered” (hen it’s no even mastered, no even a wee bit) version on Soundcloud just now.

Oh by the way while you’re here why don’t you give ‘Only friends’ a wee listen? I know I just said some rather unfortunate things about it but hey, it’s my song and I can be critical can’t I? It’s still good, honest. Just go listen to it. Just. Go.

Watch this space for ‘Only friends’, a proper good version – coming soon to a Soundcloud near you…

Cheers folks,




Night Is Near…

So my new-ish song, ‘Night Is Near’ is nearly ready for your auditory pleasure. See what I did there?

I thought I’d write a wee post about this track because it’s the first one that I’m attempting not only to record myself but to mix/master myself, which is no mean feat, I tell thee!

I wrote this song about ten years ago, when I was but a lass. It’s funny trying to recollect the inspiration behind it because it’s fuzzy, like I’m trying to recall a past life. But as far as I remember, the song was in reference to an unhappy relationship and in part, my reaction to it, i.e. the usual conflict avoidance and burying-your-head-in-the-sand-type-strategy. It isn’t a break up song at all. At the time, it was simply a creative outlet, a means for me to work through whatever problems I was having. 

That is what music is to me (and surely many other people) after all. Selfish really, but music is my therapy. Through thick and thin: music, writing and playing guitar is always there for me when I need it.

It listens, it soothes and it heals.

Image result for sudocrem It’s basically like a big tub of Sudocrem!

I know what you’re thinking (cause I’m thinking it too): how can she possibly write songs with shocking patter like this? 

Image result for machine          Honestly, I have no idea either but occasionally something halfway decent surfaces in my brain and that’s when I transform into a songwriting machine, trust me.

Anyway, crappy analogies aside, I’m happy I’m finally recording this song because I think it’s one of my better ones.

I’m at the mixing stage and the track is starting to sound no too shabby. Once I’ve polished up the EQ, compression and automation, I will upload the finished article to Soundcloud and await your judgement…

Well, I say that but ultimately I only care what I think of it! See, selfish. I told you.




My new track ‘Only friends’ is featured on Radio-Wigwam this Sunday

Good evening folks,

If you have some spare time this weekend why not listen in to the BANDwagon show on Radio-WIGWAM at this Sunday 27 November @ 10pm to hear my new song, ‘Only friends’.

It’s a special song for me as it’s the first song I’ve written on my new Les Paul (below) as well as my first go at recording one of my songs on Bitwig (as opposed to the usual Samsung dictaphone method). So, I hope you enjoy! my-guitar

I somehow managed to get the guitar to sound like a piano according to some but personally, I think I just struck a few duff notes. Sometimes, accidents work out eh.

Oh, and I meant to say there will also be other talented female musicians on Radio-Wigwam’s show this Sunday and it’s repeated that same night at 12 and again at 2am (just incase you’re a night owl like me).

Be there or be a rhombus.



‘She knows’ hee haw about tech

I know I sort of promised on Twitter a couple of months ago that I would upload my new track, ‘She knows’ but I haven’t yet. You wouldn’t believe the outpouring of fans whom have contacted me demanding an explanation for this travesty…

Well, I’ve recently gone back into the depths of education to study Sound Production.

Image result for sound production

What I’ve cleverly done here is put a confused-looking student Ichigo next to a mixing console  (albeit he is a student/substitute soul reaper and I am unfortunately just a human with normal spirit pressure…and next to no sound production abilities).

To date, I’ve just recorded all my demos into the Voice Recorder on my Samsung. Not great I know. So, I’m trying to learn the tech side of things in order to strive for and achieve better sound quality in my future releases, starting with ‘She knows’ so I’ll record it and upload as soon as I can folks.

And hopefully, through further education, I will learn how never again to route a reverb back in on itself…if that’s what I even did…it sounded like a freight train. Everybody in the class pat their shants.

Seriously, I’m a deaf sound production student now.